Greater Cleveland Congregations

Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC) is a non-partisan coalition of faith communities and partner organizations in Cuyahoga County working together to build power for social justice. GCC unites people across lines of race, class, religion, and geography to promote public, private and civic sector actions which strengthen and improve the quality of life of our neighborhoods.

GCC Medicaid Expansion meetingGreater Cleveland Congregations arrives at issue priorities by engaging thousands of Cuyahoga County residents in person-to-person and small group meetings discussing the future of our region. From January-March 2011, over 2000 people participated in these conversations, including many at Beth Israel – The West Temple. A smaller group of 400 then met to vote on which topics to pursue together. The group is now focused on the broad issues of education, jobs, health care, criminal justice, sustainable food, and gun violence.

Led by Rabbi Lader and our Social Action Committee, BI-TWT members have made our voices heard at GCC rallies, and by contacting our elected officials to move forward our goals.