Adult Education

Torah Study

Torahstudylib2Tradition teaches that when people come together to study Torah, the Shechinah (God’s presence) dwells among them.  Each Shabbat morning, before the service, we come together to read through and discuss the Torah portion of the week.  This is led by either Rabbi Lader or the congregant who is leading that week’s service. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, pose possible interpretations, and bring their life experiences to the discussion in an atmosphere of active listening and cooperative dialogue.  It is a great opportunity for us all to increase our learning.


Parent Education


Sunday, October 30 – Adult Book Club – 10:30am – noon. Walter Wright will lead an engaging discussion about Give Me Shelter, by Tony Bradman (editor)

Sunday, December 11 – 10:30am – noon. “Nourishing Traditions”. Join us as we explore how our family stories and traditions are connected to the foods that we eat.


Sunday, April 2 – 10:30am – noon. “Nourishing Traditions”. Join us as we explore how our family stories and traditions are connected to the foods that we eat.

Watch this space for new events


Lunch with the Rabbi

Once each month we have the opportunity to enjoy lunch and a little learning in a different Cleveland community with Rabbi Lader.  The location will be announced in the month’s BI-TWT Bulletin and is available by calling the Temple Office at 216/941-8882.

2016 Luncheon Dates:

September 13
October 19
November 17
December 13

2017 Luncheon Dates:

January 11
February 16
March 14
April 19
May 11
June 13


CHAI Film Fest

Featuring Israeli and international films of Jewish content followed by discussion. Evenings will include dinner and/or dessert. Call ahead for film title and time: Beth Israel – The West Temple office 216-941-8882


October 15
November 20
December 25


January 21
February 12
March 19
April 22
May 14


A Taste of Judaism and A Feast of Judaism

Designed primarily for unaffiliated Jews, non-Jews, intermarried couples and adult children of intermarriage, A Taste of Judaism® is a free, three-week course for people who have limited or no Jewish background but are interested in learning about Judaism.  Many participants are Jews by birth but don’t feel that they know much about their religion.

Since 1994, A Taste of Judaism® has engaged nearly 100,000 individuals searching for an easy access point to liberal Jewish life. Rabbi Enid Lader, a knowledgeable and approachable teacher, has presented this course at Beth Israel – The West Temple since 1998, helping many participants gain an understanding of the Jewish religion, and often the desire to pursue further study.

The course covers three topics in two hours each: Jewish spirituality (God), Jewish ethics (Torah) and Jewish community (Israel).  It is presented in the fall and spring.

A Feast of Judaism is a free six-part continuation of A Taste of Judaism. Written by local rabbis, these classes delve further into issues of living Jewishly. The course examines the Jewish concept of God, lifecycle events, holiness, holidays, and Israel. The final session is literally a “Feast,” celebrating the variety of Jewish foods and cultures. This program was created to serve as a link between the introductory course and further Jewish study.

Both programs, sponsored by the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland, and offered at Beth Israel – The West Temple, are free, but registration is required.  Call Sherri Kaufman at 216-371-0446 for further information.