Protocol (11/30/2018)

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A Message from our Security Committee on Security Protocol at Temple: 
Shabbat Services return to BI-TWT on Friday night, 11/30/18 & Saturday, 12/1/18; our students return on Sunday, 12/2/18.
The following represents the security protocol for all temple events:
1.  Night time services/events – the vestibule light will remain on.
2.  Services – Pat’s office door will remain open at all times.  School – Holly N. or someone will be available to view
        the monitor.
3.  Anyone seeing the ‘blue blinking light’ will enter Pat’s office and review the situation via the door monitor….the
        current monitor is small – but, we just purchased a larger one…..and hope to have it in place on 11/30/18…
4.  Most likely, the person at the outside door will look familiar.  The opposite is surely possible.  If that is the case,
        TWO people will approach the back door to discuss entry.
5.  No one under 18 should handle these responsibilities.  Members (only) shall take care of this.
Thank you,
Peter Sackett, Evan Fleisher, Rick Keller