21st Century Renovations…Phase III

September 2019

Update on the 21st Century Renovations:  Phase III Work Started

If all goes according to plan (and, yes, we know the joke: “man plans and God laughs”), by the time you read the September Bulletin most of this year’s renovation work will be done. The remaining work should be completed well in advance of the High Holidays.

For a number of reasons, we had to scale back our ambitions this year and concentrate on three projects: renovating the main office; repairing the library and creating a new office for the Rabbi; and renovating the bimah in the main sanctuary.

The Main office, which was state of the art in 1954, will be brought into the 21st Century with new walls and ceiling, LED lighting, new wiring that will provide power and data to the fire control system, door lock and surveillance system, DSL modem and WiFi router, the phone system, and the printer/copier; and conduits that can accommodate future power and data needs.

The library ceiling, carpet, and walls were damaged in the electrical fire last year. New ceiling and LED lighting will be installed to replace what was damaged. The entire library will be re-carpeted and re-painted. A new work area will be created for the librarian in the adult library and their former workspace will be repurposed to house part of the children’s library. Some of the children’s library will be converted into a new office for the Rabbi. Although the square footage will be about the same as the current office, more of the floor space will be usable, it will have more light and be wheel-chair accessible.

Finally, the bimah will be re-carpeted and new steps installed on the sides and front. The new steps will be 50% deeper than the current ones and have hand-rails on each side.

A lot is still left to do: Replacing the ceiling and lighting in the main sanctuary; covering the air conditioning ducts in the main sanctuary; removing the pocket doors between the main sanctuary and the hallway outside the high school room; and completely renovating the kitchen so that it meets current city building codes. So far, the 21st Century Renovation Campaign has raised (and spent!) over $632,000. It will cost at least $100,000 to finish the job. If you have not yet contributed to the 21st Century Campaign, please consider doing so now. If you have contributed in the past, please consider making another gift, perhaps to honor or memorialize a loved one. Naming opportunities still exist. Please contact President Peter Sackett or 21stCentury Fund chair Luis Fernandez for details. luisf@oberlin.net

Luis Fernandez