High Holiday Service Tickets

On behalf of Beth Israel—The West Temple, we are delighted to invite you to attend High Holy Day services. Ours is a warm and welcoming congregation and we would like to have you join us as we usher in the High Holy Days.

Of course, we hope that you will be inspired to join our congregation & enjoy our activities throughout the year. We would be happy to welcome you as a member of our vibrant congregation.

As a further encouragement to have you join Beth Israel, we offer new members a first-year membership at an introductory rate of $150.00 for a Single Membership, or $300.00 for a Family Membership. If you choose to join the temple, your donation of $150.00 for admittance to our High Holy Day services will entitle you to a Single Membership for the coming year; when a family purchases donates $300.00 for admittance to the High Holy Day services, they are entitled to a Family Membership for the coming year.

If you simply wish to attend services, the cost is $150.00 per person. The tickets are good for all services during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.


Please copy and return this form with your check by Monday, September 16, 2019

NON-MEMBER Order Form (Please print ALL NAMES)

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Phone: ( ) __________-_____________

E-mail: ______________________________________________________________________

Number of people attending services ____ x $150.00 each = $ _______________

Additional donation to support Beth Israel-The West Temple $ _______________

Total contribution enclosed $ _______________

Please return by Monday, September 16, 2019 to:

Beth Israel—The West Temple
14308 Triskett Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44111

I am interested in joining Beth Israel—The West Temple. Please ask the Rabbi to call me to set up an appointment to meet.

I am not interested in joining your congregation at this time.

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