Selichot Program and Service

Saturday, September 21st, 7:30 p.m.

In Preparation for the High Holy Days at Beth Israel – The West Temple  – Selichot Program and Service Led by Rabbi Enid Lader and Larry Sheir

Join us for our Selichot Program as we continue to celebrate Honorable Mentschen – Mitzvah Heroes.

A “mitzvah hero” is someone who helps to make a difference in our world; from small acts of kindness, to large organizational development and many things in between. Our program will honor the work of a dynamic group of“young lions” who braved the bear of the USSR and fought against Soviet antisemitism and for the human rights of the Jews of the Soviet Union.

Our program will include:

Viewing the documentary “Hear the Cry,” made in thelate 1990’s by Dr. Michael Rand (professor at CSU),documenting the early history of the Cleveland Council onSoviet Anti-Semitism (CCSA), which later became the Unionof Councils for Soviet Jewry.

Comments from Dr. Rand, along with one of the founding members of the CCSA – Dr. Herb Caron, and the rabbi of our congregation at the time – Rabbi Dr. Daniel Litt… And, present members of our congregation whose families were able to come to the U.S. as a result of the successful efforts of these “young lions.”

Songs of Social Justice and Resistance– Wendy Caron Zohar will share songs from the USSR and the United States that became the anthems for human rights.

Our program will include a Dessert Reception and will be followed by our Selichot Service.