Religious School

Youngsters age 4 to 18 meet every Sunday morning from 9:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.  Our educational program centers on the Chai Curriculum of the Union for Reform Judaism, based on Torah, Avodah, and G’milut Chasadim – the most important concepts and values of Jewish life –  helping students grow into committed and thoughtful Jewish adults.  Hebrew study is also included.  Sunday mornings frequently include intergenerational holiday celebrations, music and art projects, adult and parent education.

Hebrew w-AllisonHebrew

At Beth Israel, we believe Hebrew is an essential part of a Jewish education.  It provides a vehicle for our members to connect to other Jews, and to understand Torah and prayer.  Age-appropriate Hebrew is taught in prekindergarten through seventh grade, during Sunday morning Religious School, and on Monday nights.  In preparation for Bar and Bat Mitzvah, students work with a tutor/coach. Adult Hebrew is also offered on Sunday mornings.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Preparation

In preparation for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, the child and parents meet with Rabbi Lader to read through his/her Torah portion; the child then chooses a section to prepare.  The child will then meet with our Bar/Bat Mitzvah coach/tutor.  Each student also has a mentor from the congregation, who works with him/her on a d’var Torah.  Together, the family chooses a mitzvah project that is part of the overall coming-of-age celebration.

HS kids under Hebrew posterHigh School

High school students remain engaged in Beth Israel’s Religious School, including mitzvah work and Youth Group activities to their learning.  During the school year, our 10th-graders have the opportunity to participate in a four-day Panim el Panim conference in Washington, D.C.  We participate in North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) regional events; as well as high school programs offered by the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, such as Write On For Israel and the Saltzman Youth Panel.  We celebrate confirmation in the 10th grade and graduation for our seniors.

Adult Education

Rabbi Enid Lader will lead a CHAI Israel program, consisting of a monthly discussion group, examining our connections to Israel. Each session begins with a potluck supper (try out new Israeli recipes!). There is no fee for this program.
For more information, contact Rabbi Lader ( or call/text Charles Fisher (440-723-0891).

In addition, during the course of the year we bring in guest speakers, artists, and musicians who share their special interests and talents with us.