Guiding Principles

At Beth Israel – The West Temple, we seek
to create a community of learners of all ages and backgrounds who:

  • are occupied with the ongoing exploration of their relationship and engagement with God
  • know Judaism and Jewish values in order to affirm our identity as Jews, our commandment to fulfill mitzvot, and engage in social action
  • study the Hebrew language as an essential way to connect to other Jews, and understand Torah and prayer
  • recognize what we share with other traditions and what is unique to Judaism
  • understand ourselves as individuals connected to family, synagogue, the Jewish people and Israel, with responsibilities to support Israel and build strong Jewish communities
  • encourage personal and family observance of Jewish rituals and celebrations including Shabbat, holidays, and life cycle events
  • are engaged in a shared journey of ongoing Jewish learning, discovery and experiences.

This education will strengthen the Beth Israel community, help to ensure the future of Jewish people and Judaism, and contribute to tikkun olam – transformation of our world.

Beryl blows Shofar to start RS year